GTX 1070 Added to Logical Increments Parts List


The time has come. The GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition has launched, and it has majorly disrupted our graphics cards recommendations on the Logical Increments parts list.

The GTX 1070 performs as promised: Slightly faster than the GTX Titan X. For a price of $450, the GTX 1070 makes everything in its price range obsolete as a purchase. Together with the GTX 1080, these two cards now rule the top 5 tiers.

In response to the GTX 1070, we have removed every graphics card with a comparable or higher price, except the GTX 1080. The R9 390X, for $380, stays for now, as the GTX 1070 Founder’s Edition is $450. (Other editions will launch later for $380.)

The GTX 980, GTX 980 Ti, R9 Fury, and R9 Fury X have all been removed from our recommendations. If they come down in price, they may return.

We’ve made the following changes to our parts list:
  • R9 390X drops from Outstanding to Excellent (still a logical purchase, but just barely)
  • GTX 1070 added to Outstanding, Exceptional
  • GTX 1070 x2 added to Enthusiast
  • GTX 1070 x2, GTX 1080 x2 added to Extremist

Source: TechPowerUp’s GTX 1070 review