NVIDIA 1000-Series Graphics Cards Launching in May and June

The GTX 1080 will be out by the end of the month.

The GTX 1080 will be out on May 27th.

Last night, NVIDIA unveiled its upcoming GeForce GTX 1000-series, based on its new 16nm Pascal architecture. The GTX 1080 launches May 27th for $600, while the GTX 1070 will arrive on June 10th for $380.

You can read about the cards in much more detail from these sources:

We do not have any real benchmarks from independent reviewers, so we are relying on NVIDIA’s own info for now. The company promises to deliver double GTX 980 performance with the 1080, and better-than-980-Ti performance with the 1070. These are very promising numbers, and may or may not be true. It might be that NVIDIA’s performance claims only apply to VR games, or very specific DirectX 12 titles. Or, it may be true that NVIDIA did manage to double performance in a single generation.

What we do know is that the new cards are power efficient, using only one power connector. So, the increased performance is not coupled with a major increase in power consumption, which is great news.

Meanwhile, AMD is also expected to launch their new generation of graphics cards sometime in the next few months.

Once the new NVIDIA cards launch, we’ll be adding them to the Logical Increments parts guide. Stay tuned!


  • Andreas Balslev

    The new Pascal series will bring more than 2 times the performance to VR games, and some new awesome features in general.

    But in normal gaming on a single screen it should only bring something like 1.5 times the performance gain, http://www.geforce.com/hardware/10series/geforce-gtx-1080 as you can see here, under “performance”.

    And because of the much better power efficiency, you might be able to Overclock it to much higher performance levels.

    • The Falcon

      Thanks, Andreas. Yes, this is exactly what we were referring to in the post. We will be waiting for independent benchmarks, and hoping that it will be good.

  • DrannyCannon

    I know there’s not very much information yet but…. Do you guys predict the new gtx 1070 would be sufficient for 4k gaming? Or would 2k be more plausible?

    • Andreas Balslev

      It depends on what you are playing. If you playing Minecraft, then definitely, but if you are playing the Witcher 3 at max settings and want 60+ fps, then maybe not.

      But in general I would say yes, it should be able to play most games at high settings with good frame rates at 4K.

    • Dtjordan


    • Matthew Zehner

      It is certainly possible in certain games, but with new and demanding titles like The Witcher 3 it is unlikely that they will run at a decent frame rate. If you turn down the settings, however, I am sure they would run very well.

    • DrannyCannon

      Probably get a 2k monitor and overclock it to pull 90hz or more. I play a lot of shooters and could benefit from higher fps.

    • Galf

      4k is still heavy on most demanding games for a GTX 980ti SLI, so I’d doubt it. A 1080 SLI would probably be good enough, though.
      Single card… forget 4k. Not at 60 fps.

  • redness

    Will you guys be doing benchmarks and stuff when these come out? If not, what’s your recommended site or Youtube channel?

  • According to all the available info (esp. the technical specs), the GTX 1080 should be a 50-60% (1080p) / 60-70% (4K) improvement over the 980, and 25-30% / 25% over a 980 Ti.
    The most important question about the exact performance is the average boost clock rate the card will deliver.
    The GTX1080 is out of my budget range anway, but 1070 sounds like a real great card for its price (not the $449 of the “Founder’s Edition” reference cards but the expected $380 for 3rd-party manufacturer’s cards).

    I also don’t get why everyone is complaining about the prices. nVidia has always made price decisions that were higher than AMD’s competitive pricings, and compared to existing nVidia cards, the new cards are both faster AND cheaper – where’s the problem?

    • LeNnY( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      >the new cards are both faster AND cheaper
      ebic xD

      • Galf

        I paid about 370€ for my top of the range (Gigabyte G1, pretty much the best one) GTX 970, so the pricings are… in line with the previous gen, a little higher, but the 970 was a steal considered the performance.
        I’m thinking about selling this one for the 1070 if it’s as amazing as it looks like, but dunno if I will actually go through with it.

    • lucky to see that the performance expectations were met at the higher end 🙂

  • Serathis

    The 980 and 980Ti is no longer listed on Nvidias site.

    • Matthew Zehner

      Interesting! Thanks for the information.

  • DX Racer

    Should i upgrade from 2 gtx 980’s in sli to one gtx 1080?

    • Dtjordan


      • Gregori

        What? Are y a fucking gay?

    • D.j. Forche

      It looks like thats going to be the way to go, Ive heard a rumor that the 1080s is the only one to support sli though and you need a new bridge so maybe keep that in mind for updating in the future like I plan too.

  • DX Racer

    Should i upgrade from 2 gtx 980’s in sli to one gtx 1080?