GTX 1080 Founder’s Edition Added to Logical Increments

The GTX 1080 will be out by the end of the month.

The GTX 1080 Founder’s Edition has been added to our Enthusiast and Monstrous tiers.

NVIDIA’s highly anticipated GTX 1080 graphics card is now available and listed on our U.S. PC parts list at in the Enthusiast and Monstrous tiers.

However, the first available edition of the card — the $700 “Founder’s Edition” — comes with a $100 premium over other versions, which will be coming later for $600. Despite the higher price point, the launch of the Founder’s Edition has been selling out at incredible speeds and is currently seeing some nefarious price gouging from third-party sellers on Amazon. (Some early adopters are also complaining of a fan revving problem.)

For now, you can find the GTX 1080 Founder’s Edition as our third option in the Enthusiast tier, or 2x GTX 1080 Founder’s Edition cards as the new GPU option for Monstrous, our highest-end tier.

We’ll be updating our parts list again as soon as more affordable GTX 1080 cards become available. Keep an eye on our blog and Announcements section at the top of our main page.

For those waiting on the GTX 1070, that card is schedule to launch June 10th.