GTX 1070 to Appear on Logical Increments June 10th


Now that the GTX 1080 (Founder’s Edition) is available and on the Logical Increments parts list, it’s time to turn our attention to NVIDIA’s more affordable GTX 1070, launching June 10th.

According to the reviews (see below), the GTX 1070 is slightly more powerful than the GTX 980 Ti and Titan X. This is amazing performance for a card priced at $380, and means this card will likely replace all of our GPU recommendations in the $380-600 range for both NVIDIA and AMD. That includes the R9 390X, the GTX 980, the R9 Fury, the GTX 980 Ti, the R9 Fury X, and the GTX Titan X. For less money, the GTX 1070 will outperform all of these cards.

Our goal at Logical Increments is to recommend the most logical hardware recommendation at each price point. We anticipate that NVIDIA and AMD will lower the prices of their previous generation cards around the time of the 1070 launch, so we will be adjusting our recommendations based on what’s most logical for the price.

AMD is expected to have a conference on the 1st of June to reveal more details about its upcoming cards. The cards might even launch at that date, but we do not know. NVIDIA’s two cards target the ~$400 and ~$600 price points, while AMD’s cards are expected to go after the $200-$300 segment. (Or maybe they won’t?) AMD has not revealed much hard data yet, despite overwhelming amounts of gossip.

Looks like we are going to have an excellent year, GPU-wise!

GTX 1070 Reviews: