Logical Increments Site Upgrades


Good news! The site should load much faster now. It was getting quite slow, and desperately needed an upgrade.

Average load time on the old site was almost 30 seconds. Now it’s down to about 5 seconds.

Another handy feature: The parts list for your country should be automatically selected now when you load the page.

We had to rush things a bit to get the new site up before Black Friday, so expect some occasional bugs and changes. The actual parts recommendations are stored separately though, so they will be safe.

The new code will make it much easier to maintain and add more helpful things in the future, such as finally making the site work well on mobile! (coming soon™)

We would love to hear:

Do you get any weird bugs that we should fix? (except on mobile, which is still full of bugs)

Does the site load faster for you now?

Does it automatically select your country?